Annual Plumbing Check Up

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Orlando Homeowners Should Done An Annual Plumbing Inspection

Plumbing Inspection

If you want peace of mind with your plumbing system it’s much better to be proactive and take care of it as a maintenance instead of being reactive dealing with it as an emergency. And that is why we recommend every homeowner have an annual plumbing inspection of their home.

So here are the reason why you need to do an annual check up in your plumbing system.

Why You Should Have Your Plumbing Inspected Annually

Plumbing is a very tricky thing to evaluate, if you’re a homeowner. You don’t have the experience or tools to diagnose problems with your electric or HVAC systems, but there are still some pretty obvious signs you can use to determine if something is wrong.

Flickering lights, odd noises, and the like are good indications that you should call a professional to examine those systems. With plumbing, though, you’re deprived of most of those signs. Plumbing systems are largely hidden from view, silent, and rarely offer warning signs before a major problem develops. This lack of warning is why you should have your plumbing inspected annually.

Let’s take a look at what can happen if you don’t have a plumber inspect your system annually.

Pinhole Leaks

A burst pipe – what you want to avoid this winter

The copper pipes that make up most homes’ plumbing systems are quite resistant to corrosion, and can last for up to a century with proper care. Resistance to corrosion is not the same thing as immunity, though. There is one type of corrosion, called “pitted corrosion”, which can still affect copper pipes. This corrosion works from the outside of the pipe inward, and is focused in a very small area. Eventually, it opens up a tiny hole called a “pinhole leak.”

These kinds of leaks are so small that they often go completely undetected until they cause substantial water damage to the surrounding area. The only way to catch these pinhole leaks early is to have a plumber examine your pipes. Fortunately, these kinds of leaks work slowly enough that an annual appointment should be enough to mitigate any damage they can cause.


A lot of people have this idea that plumbing clogs are spontaneous, catastrophic things that happen when a bunch of debris gets stuck in the pipe at once. This actually isn’t true. In fact, clogs often form slowly, with a gradual buildup of debris from the inner walls of the pipe towards the center. If you pay close attention to how quickly your water drains, you may notice it start to drain more slowly when a clog is forming. Still, for those of us that aren’t watching our drains like hawks, an annual plumbing inspection is a great way to prevent clogs from totally forming.

Your checklist should include everything the safety, reliable, and worry-free home plumbing issues.

Having your entire plumbing system checked will help you save time, money and quickly isolate any plumbing issues that could become problematic. But if you need some assistance with the expert you can call Blue Water Damage Restoration & Plumber Services today at (407) 369-2097 to help you in doing step by step check on your plumbing system.

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