California Water Shortage And Your Plumbing

Posted on: October 21st, 2014 by admin

The water shortage plaguing much of southern California can be compounded by poor or failing plumbing. Leaking pipes can not only make your water bill go up but, can indeed lead to a huge fine, not mention all the guilt you will endure knowing you contributed to the great water demise of the state.

Putting off plumbing repairs even of the smallest nature lends itself to even larger issues with home, as leaking water can damage walls, floors, furniture, and the very foundation your home sits upon.

Foundation or slab leaks as they are sometimes called can be the most costly damage a person can incur by ignoring their failing pipes and plumbing systems.

Many California municipalities and counties like Orange County’s Huntington Beach Town Counsels have passed ordinances with large fines associated with the waste of water by home owners and renters alike. In addition some lenders have now gotten in on the act they feel their interest is at stake if the home owner gets behind of water bills, plumbing repairs, and fines that it won’t be long they  have a delinquent house payment.

The good news is you don’t have wait until your foundation is crumbling to address the most common sense issues, most legitimate Orange County Plumbing Companies  offer home and business plumbing inspections.

So while the water conservation efforts are in full swing and even when they have passed make protect your investment in your home by keeping the water flowing without the leaks, your foundation and your wallet will thank you.

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