How Would You Know That You Have Underground Water Leak

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Detecting A Hidden Leaks In Your Orlando Homes


The word Underground Water Leak is one of those which strikes fear into every home owners heart. By its very nature, you have no idea how long the leak may have been occurring or what damage it may have already done. Also if you are on a water meter you have probably been paying for wasted water.

Bearing all this in mind it is important to identify a leak as soon as possible and to get it fixed as quickly as you can.

9 Signs You May Have an Underground Water Leak

One of the things that a lot of home and business owners worry about is underground water leaks. They can cause a big problem if they aren’t fixed right away and they can cause everything from a small problem on a property to a sinkhole that can lead to foundation damage.

The good news is that there are things that will signify to you that you have a problem. Below are some of the signs that you have an underground water leak.

Signs You May Have an Underground Water Leak

  • Unusual wet areas in sports that are landscaped and/or pools of water on the surface of the ground.
  • An area that’s moldy, soft, green, or mossy that’s surrounded by a dryer condition.
  • A very noticeable drop in flow volume/water pressure.
  • A new problem with dirt or air in your water or rusty water, although this can be due to another problem.
  • A section of an area that’s irrigated suddenly brown/dying/dead and it used to be lush and green. This is due to the water pressure being too low for far sprinkler heads to properly pop up.
  • Cracking or heaving of areas that are paved.
  • Potholes or sink holes.
  • Even grades of floor or a structure leaning.
  • A sudden increase in use of water that is unexplained, water use that is consistently high, or even water use that’s been steadily climbing for a few billing cycles.

If you haven’t noticed any of the above signs, you might also hear something that is pointing to you having an underground water leak.

What Are Sounds That Water Leaks Make?

Pressurized, underground pipes that have water leaks often will make a variety of sounds.

  • “Whoosh” or “Hiss” from reduction in orifice pressure and pipe vibration.
  • “Babbling Brook” or “Splashing” sounds when water spray strikes the soil cavity’s wall.
  • Little ‘clinking’ sounds when pebbles and stones bounce off of pipes.

That “Whoosh” or “Hiss” sound is the only sound that’s present in the pipe leaks with a water pressure that’s 30 psi or more. This sound also resembles static noise. Those other sounds that are listed aren’t always present and they’re not as noticeable. So the first one is the one that professionals look for.

The Factors That Affect The Sounds

There are a few factors which affect how loud and how frequent the sounds that are made by leaks in underground pipes.
There are several factors that affect the loudness and the frequency range of the sounds made by water leaks transmitted on the pipes and transmitted to the surface of the ground:

  • The pipe’s water pressure
  • The pipe’s diameter and material
  • Soil compaction and type
  • How deep the soil is over pipe
  • How the surface is covered – loose soil, asphalt, concrete slab, grass, etc.

How loud or intense the sound is will be directly proportionate to the pipe’s water pressure to a certain limit.


If you catch an underground water leak quickly enough, you may be able to stop a disaster which can damage your home, your property, and even your neighbor’s property. If you think that you have an underground water leak, it’s essential that you contact your utilities immediately so that they are aware of it and can turn your water off at the meter. You will also need to contact a plumber so that the damage can be repaired.

Remember that the sooner you have the problem taken care of, the better chance you will have of avoiding a possible disaster. But if you leave it unchecked, you will find that the damage and your bill is a lot higher.

Underground leaks can be extremely problematic and lead to exorbitant water bills if they go undetected.

In addition, fixing an underground leak is usually a job for experts and the costs are likely to be high. In some cases it is impossible to avoid this situation. Your pipework may simply be old and in need of repair or replacement. You may call our local plumber at (407) 641-1544 to have a check with your pipe line and fix them as soon as it may cost worst damage to your plumbing system.

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