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What Should Orlando Homeowners Expect In Water Damage Restoration Service?

Water damage is a troublesome issue which Mother Nature normally sees fit to bring up on us. So when your home has been damaged by fire, water, or both, time is an important factor. Mold and mildew can grow on damp surfaces, even behind walls where it can’t be seen. This can represent a significant health hazard, especially if a family member has a history of respiratory problems.

To take out the water from home is not as easy as it seems. It’s a long process which includes drying, freshening, sanitizing and making sure that the flooded expanse has been made just like what it was before.

So let us discuss what we need to expect from water damage restoration.

What You Should Expect from Water Damage Restoration

Why Hire a Professional?

Water damage is an unpredictable threat. Electrocution is a very real threat when dealing with floods, as are illness or disease caused by contaminated waters. Water damage restoration professionals have the tools needed to safely investigate flooded areas.

If your water damage isn’t as serious as a flood, a professional may still be needed. Moisture measuring tools, thermal devices to identify wet areas, and laser measuring devices are all needed to ensure proper restoration work is done. A professional will be able to identify all areas needing repair and have solutions for each of those areas.

What Work Will Be Done?

First, most companies provide water removal services. This will drain any remaining flood water from the home. Then, different steps are taken based on the type of damage. A flooded toilet may require the removal of the bathroom floor. If the flood or water damage affects multiple floors, the ceiling and walls may have to be removed as well. You can expect the drywall and insulation around the trouble area to be removed. Water may have soaked into them, promoting the growth of mold and weakening any structural qualities they may have.

Large, high-powered fans will be used to begin the drying process. Dehumidifiers are also often seen during this process to ensure that everything is properly dried. In some cases, there may be a barrier system set up to direct proper air flow. The air flow will be focused on specific trouble areas that need to be thoroughly dried.

To protect you from any potential mold or contaminant that may have taken up residence as a result of the water damage, several air samples will be taken both inside and outside of your home. These samples will then be sent to a lab to determine what measures will need to be taken to remove the contaminant.

Finally, the company will generally recommend another company to perform repairs. This construction company will generally have worked with the water restoration specialists you have chosen.

Now Your Work Really Begins.

Another bonus of water damage restoration services is that they come with not only the specialized equipment but also the knowledge of how to save your furniture and how to effectively treat the various surfaces around your home. Call Blue Water Damage Restoration & Plumber Services In Orlando FL Today: (407) 641-1544.

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