Things That Should NOT Throw In The Toilet

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A Care Tips To Orlando Homeowners In Things That They Flush In The Toilet

The best way to prevent clogged toilet problems is to be careful about what gets flushed! The toilet is something we all use every day. Some people use their toilets properly, while others use it is an additional trashcan. We understand, it’s tempting – out of sight, out of mind. Although it might be nice to have a trashcan that instantly disposes of its trash and odor, your toilet and septic system are not designed to handle anything other than toilet paper.

Learn what NOT to throw down your toilet and why it’s so important here.

Be Careful of What You Flush Down Your Toilet

According to multiple reports, there is a crisis brewing in sewer systems around the country due to the common practice of flushing baby wipes and other foreign objects down toilets. The result is millions of dollars worth of equipment damage in some of the nation’s largest cities.

Toilets and septic systems are designed to only process human waste and standard toilet paper. Anything else that goes down a toilet can create costly problems for both home and business owners alike. Keep in mind, pipes that connect a home to main sewer lines are often no wider than 4 inches in diameter, and it does not take much to create an obstruction.

Some common household items that should never be flushed down toilets include (but not limited to): baby wipes, cooking grease, paper towels, dental floss, dinner napkins, food scraps, coffee/coffee filters and women’s hygiene products.

By far, the most common offender from the above list is baby wipes. This stems from a false sense of security from the “flushable” labels placed on baby wipe packaging. However, despite this claim, these wipes do not disintegrate at the same rate as toilet paper and can cluster together to form large clumps that wreak havoc on sewage systems.

In New York City, the issue has become so prevalent that last year, the city’s mayor created a bill to get baby wipe manufacturers to stop advertising their products as “flushable.”

In addition, the “flushable” label may get federal oversight as the Federal Trade Commission has recently stepped in to investigate the problem.

Regardless of any legislative outcome, homeowners (particularly new parents) need to be disciplined and avoid sending anything down their toilets that will create temporary or long term plumbing problems.

So what does that leave us with?

Nothing, except toilet paper and human waste. Everything else should be thrown in the trashcan. Over the years our plumbers have seen a lot of items that get flushed down toilets that just aren’t meant to be in your drains. We encourage you to talk with your kids and family so they know what can and cannot go down the drains in your house.

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